Why Students Should Attend More Expos

When it comes to first-hand learning opportunities, nothing presents itself more clearly than attending trade shows. In fact, attending a trade show or expo will open your eyes in ways they haven’t seen before.

To illustrate, a student interested in technology might attend the Camera Corner Technology Expo 2018. In fact, this company has been hosting this technology expo for over 30 years. One of the best ways to learn about the career path of your choice is to be exposed to industry leaders and mentors who can motivate students and encourage them to pursue their dreams.

It’s rejuvenating

Going to conferences and expos can be energizing. You’re in a large facility with many of the movers and shakers–and newcomers–in the industry. Everyone is excited about their product and service and ready to show the world just how great it is. It is a wonderful opportunity for students to see first-hand how goods are developed, made and promoted from ideation to final product.

Interacting with business owners, sales people, and development teams gives students as first-hand look at how goods and services start at the design level and moves forward to the display level. Talking to owners of the businesses themselves will give students insights they could not get just from perusing websites on their own.

Plus, there is always a lot of energy and excitement in the air at expos, helping students feel even more rejuvenated about their desired career.

What you can expect at an expo

When you attend an expo, expect tables of various businesses there to raise awareness about their companies. They are also looking for ways to give back to their communities. Nothing is more rewarding than connecting with and mentoring a student. As a result, students can find many opportunities for finding a new mentor who can guide them in the direction of their dream career.

In addition, students may meet representatives of the company who can tell them exactly what it takes to get hired there, such as the hiring and application process.

Hang out with like-minded people

Students may feel alone about their desired career path. On the other hand, attending an industry expo can be both refreshing and inspirational.

It’s a change from the daily routine of the classroom. And, there will be many people there who love what they do. You’ll find they were once just like you.

It can turn into the field trip to top all other field trips. It gives students a different perspective, and a showcase that makes products and services truly invigorating.

Make sure to do your research

For students to get the most out of an expo, it is important to do some research. Don’t go there and become a wallflower; it’s crucial to interact. Find the attendee list, and let students pick out the people they want to connect with the most.

Then, once there, find those people or ask when they will be available. It’s important to think about what you want to take away from the conference and plan accordingly. It would be difficult to meet every attendee, but plan to go out and meet a few.

Final thought

Going to an expo can really help students get an insider’s view of their desired career and industry. It’s also a way for them to find some mentors and feel more motivated and inspired.…

Working in the Mission Field

Working in the Mission Field

Missionary work has been ongoing for many years. Hundreds of years ago, people were going off into the field to bring help to others who need it. There are many books on cross cultural missions that have been produced over the years. These books are a valuable tool for anyone looking to get into this field. People who do this will normally work with a team of people sent by local churches.

How to Get Started in Missionary Work

The first step in your work is to learn all that you can about it. Reading books is just one way. Joining a class that teaches about missions is another option available. These classes will show you what is expected of you and your team. Once you have learned all that you can about the type of work to be done, you must then decide on where you would most like to perform your work. Churches will often have a list of countries and areas that they send missionaries to. You can select your choice from their list and join the team that will be going.

What to Do Once You Have Arrived

Many times, there are missionaries at work in the area you will be going to. These experienced workers will provide anything you may need while you are there. Accommodations are often very sparse and simple. They will also teach you about the area and what you will need to help with. It may be personal care to residents or teaching them to grow crops to sustain themselves. Whatever their need, you will be provided with the means to help them.

Going Out into the Field

After meeting with other missionaries, you will then go out and meet with the citizens of the area and begin putting together a plan of action to help. They are very receptive and appreciative of your help. They also know what they need and will let you know also. You may work many long hours at hard labor but the reward in the end is fulfilling. Instant gratification comes in many forms in this type of work.

Sharing Your Experiences

There will also be times when you meet either one on one with residents or in small groups. These times will be spent letting them know what religion is and how it can change their lives. Typically, this will take place in a very relaxed atmosphere with no pressure. Residents will respond with gratitude at all you have done for them.

After you have returned from your trip, you will most likely report your experience to the parishioners at the church you left from. You can inspire others in the congregation to do their own missionary work. A trip into the mission field is an experience you will never forget and the rewards you obtain are endless. A feeling of self-accomplishment is something this work can give you. Most people will do it over and over in their lifetime.