UNICEF correspondent Guy Hubbard reports on a Child-Friendly Schools initiative reaching across a number of districts of Mozambique. Uniforms can produce a more focused, relaxed atmosphere and reduce the frequency of bullying at school, but will also raise students’ self-esteem, improve productivity, and save money. The Japanese also instituted uniforms in Honda plants in America as they had already done in their factories at house. Secondly, uniforms ought to enable much more time for student function and study – much less time for gossip and comparison. Uniforms can, for that reason, increase self-esteem in conjunction with far more completely created personality. Thirdly, K-12 uniforms – like back trousers/skirt, black footwear, black or white socks, and white tops – can save cash. Owning a set of matching outfits equalizes the playing field at school amongst youth.

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