Query bank in Indian universities

Query bank is a collection of questions made by universities and analyzing boards in unique topics over the decades.

Examiners can pick questions from these query banks for placing up query papers. They contain questions to look at college students the two in internal as very well as external examinations. Types of questions accessible in query banks are of essay form and goal form. Thoughts to query banks are picked in these a way that they examination students’ detailed capacity.

Growth of query bank:

Affiliation of Indian universities has fashioned query bank that contains 10000 questions in physics, chemistry, botany, zoology, arithmetic, commerce, economics etcetera. Accumulating questions from prior years’ query papers is one way. Senior professors and heads of departments might be requested to contribute questions to query banks. A seminar might be arranged, where faculties from unique universities will participate, explore and frame questions. An structured way of coming up with, publicizing and education will be necessary for profitable implementation.


Query banking is regarded as as a aspect of the examination reform. This query bank helps universities to sustain regular of schooling at similar amount in all faculties. Significantly less skilled teachers can accumulate questions from these banks where questions are framed by senior professors. Instructors and examiners are repeatedly involved in developing a lot more and a lot more questions for inclusion consequently maintaining them skillfully involved. Query banks if thoroughly developed up can influence curriculum growth, guiding in decoding syllabus, producing aims, constructing valid questions are some of the feasible gains. Instructors will be educated as product writers. They will build scientific expertise not only in product producing but also in prevalidating them. Extra and a lot more productive approaches of instructing and discovering can be applied. Difficulties in students’ discovering can be diagnosed

Storing of questions

Thoughts are saved in trays referred to as “cardex trays”. eight”x5″ cards are ideal for storing questions in cardex trays. The card includes questions and statistical information about questions. It would be complicated to consider a query bank creating it full prospective with no generating use of complex and administrative advantages of computes. The handling of massive scale computations of questions to query banks is feasible only with personal computer. For limited scale applications printed booklets or brochures is enough.


A query provides a likelihood (i) to produce and appraise questions on a relatively a lot more productive basis. (ii) To have out concurrent comparability. (iii) To match the examinations to the curriculum that is taught and not as tends to take place in the common placing the other way all around. The query bank would act as a neutral educational and administrative support supporting teachers and examiners to remedy some of the troubles with massive scale analyzing.

Resource by Asokan Thiyagarajan

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